Sleep is Powerful. Restorative. Rejuvenating. Essential.

Tired Minds Don't Plan Well. Sleep First. Plan Later. - Walter Reisch


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5 Sound Sleep Machine - Features
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You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Quality sleep is the foundation for your health.

A good night’s sleep sharpens your brain’s learning and decision-making skills, allowing your mind to better process the day’s events and prepare for the next journey.

It’s when your body heals and grows, constantly protecting you from illness and disease.

We all need adequate rest to be the best versions of ourselves.

And 60 million of us don’t get it.

Why Can't I?

Most people form the habits needed to induce sleep at an early age and usually carry that training through into adulthood; you wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe read a story (remember how much you enjoyed your parents reading to you when you were little?), then turn out the lights and roll over, falling asleep within a few minutes.

If this is you, count your blessings now because for too many of us something happens along the way, between mom and dad tucking us in versus tucking ourselves in, we lost the programming in our minds to put ourselves into sleep mode.

Maybe it’s the hectic daily grind, maybe it’s our diet, maybe in this golden age of technology we’re all on information overload and our brains simply can’t stop processing because there’s too much to process and not enough time in the day.

Doesn’t matter. We need sleep. YOU need sleep.

What Do I Do?

Music Sound Audio for Sleep

So how do we fight this battle against insomnia?

The answer comes from an often overlooked, yet highly effective, source.

Much the same as a soldier trains to fight, you must train your brain too.

One of the best ways to do so is using audio.

We all use sounds subconsciously every single day.

In the grocery store, you hear a cart coming around the corner and stop to avoid a collision.

A horn behind you on the freeway makes you look back and realize it isn’t a safe time to switch lanes.

A fly buzzing around your kitchen tells you to cover food. Lumberjacks yell “timber” for a good reason.

Your mind is programmed to respond to auditory stimulus and to react accordingly.

And now you learn you can train your brain to use sounds for other advantages too, like triggering a calming sensation to relax you into a deep, restful sleep.

You are likely already exposed to this technique, even if you aren’t aware of it.

A certain song might play on the radio, and you can feel yourself returning to a different time, experiencing the same feelings and thoughts you had then.

Or in college, pulling all those late nights, at some point you probably heard about the idea of setting new information to a melody or song.

After all, how did you learn the alphabet?


Calm the Mind for Peaceful Sleep

Many sleep experts believe the brain of an insomniac is busy trying to protect itself (and you) from danger by constantly being on the lookout for warning signs, like a breaking window or crackling fire in your home.

Or perhaps you live in a noisy environment like an apartment complex with neighbors with cement shoes. Maybe you have a lot of traffic coming and going through your neighborhood.

Any of this could undermine your foundation for decent rest.

That’s why you’re here.

If your mind is trying to process external stimuli, then give it something to process, but make it something that will be interpreted as safe.

The easiest and quickest way is to start with sounds collectively considered to be calm and relaxing, like the waves of an ocean or a cleansing rainfall.

Take yourself back in time to when you weren’t paying $9 for coffee just to make it through the hour because you just couldn’t sleep last night and listen to a soothing baby’s lullaby.

Maybe you miss your partner – listen to a heartbeat, set at a perfectly calm pulse rate.

Or join the millions of people who use white noise to block out the rest of the world and create their own safe haven.

Once you’ve tried these simple sounds, you can branch out and find even more ambient sounds to relax with. The internet is full of calming tracks just waiting to help you out.

If you’re ready to really set yourself back on a healthy sleep routine, this is where you start.

ALL of these options are available to you with the Koustix Sleep Sound Machine.

What's That?

Noise Wave in Sleep Sound Machine

Everything you need to create a peaceful oasis anywhere you choose to sleep.

A portable ambient sound machine, complete with 5 preset tracks to start you on your healthy sleep journey, and an SD card reader, allowing you to explore a near infinite number of options for the soundtrack of your night.

Find your favorite ambient mix or songs, load the card up, and plug it in.

The adjustable volume is the cherry on top, affording you complete customizability of your sleep experience.

Use it for yourself or help your child establish healthy sleeping patterns early on.

This sound sleep machine also features a soft, warm nightlight emanating from the bottom, providing even further comfort for children’s minds by illuminating the safety of their own space.

5 Sounds for Deep Sleep

I Sleep Fine In MY House, But…

It’s not just for your home either. Travelling brings with it a whole new set of issues, many with the ability to affect your sleep. New sounds in a new environment mean more processing for your brain to do.

Cancel them out by bringing your sound machine with you. This cube was made for versatility. It’s small, lightweight design means it fits easily in any luggage and with 3 power options, you never need to worry about it cutting out on you.

Plug the included AC adaptor and USB cable up to an outlet near your nightstand or dresser and leave it there. Or take it on the go, using the rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of soothing nighttime noise.

With a charging time of only 5 hours, plug it up and use it the night before your trip, and it’ll be ready to go in the morning.

The built-in auto-off timers are a huge plus in this case too – set your sounds to turn off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes to conserve battery life.

But even if you forget to use the timer and it does run out of power before your trip’s end, don’t worry – insert 3 AA batteries (not included), and you’re back on track for a good night’s sleep.


Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your sleep. Various medications cause significant sleep issues. And if you work evening or night shifts, you have special sleep challenges. When there are factors that interfere with sleep, it’s imperative to find relief!

If you’ve been wondering how to solve sleeping problems naturally, we’d like to introduce you to the innovative Koustix Insono 5X Sleep Sound Machine.

This device is designed for adults and kids as a sleep solution. When you’re tired, but your body and mind can’t relax, our nature sounds and white noise machine will have you in dreamland fast!

Restless and sleepless nights are destructive to your health! Purchase a Koustix Sleep Sound Machine today and enjoy deep sleep. You deserve it!


5 Sound Sleep Machine - Features
5 Sound Sleep Machine - Top and Bottom View
5 Sound Sleep Machine - USB Cable Adaptor
Koustix Insono 5s Sleep Sound Machine Dimension Display
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